Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra (Anahata)

COLOUR: Green or Pink

LOCATION: The heart chakra is the largest electromagnetic field of all the chakras and surrounds the entire chest.

DESCRIPTION: The heart chakra is the energy centre for love, including self-love, the ability to forgive and have compassion, as well as your ability to grow. When balanced, you won’t feel possessive, you’ll treat yourself with gentleness, as well as be able to cultivate meaningful relationships.

CRYSTALS: The heart chakra resonates with crystals that are either pink or green. Wear or meditate with rose quartz, malachite and  rhodochrosite during your day to help this chakra.

BODY LINKS: The lungs, thymus gland, bronchial tract, heart, shoulders, arms, and hands are energy areas of the heart chakra. Symptoms of asthma, autoimmune disorders, respiratory illness, heart problems and high blood pressure may be linked to an imbalanced or blocked heart chakra.

FOODS: Green foods appear to have a positive affect on this chakra. Avocado, cucumber, celery, green grapes, spinach, peppers and kale and lime are amongst my favorites.

HERBS: such as chamomile, holy basil, and vanilla help provide balance to the heart chakra.

YOGA EXERCISES: poses that stretch your chest, spine and shoulders are good for the heart chakra. The standing forward fold, standing wide legged forward fold, cobra pose, bow pose, and puppy pose seem to help open this chakra.

DANCE can also help with balancing and is a fun way to get moving. Body movements help balance the chakras. Moving your upper body is important with upper body chakras.

(Always remember to check with your doctor before changing your exercise routines)

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