Throat Chakra


COLOUR: Blue (sky or baby) – the brighter the better

LOCATION: The throat chakra is located in and around the throat.

DESCRIPTION: The throat chakra is linked to communication. This is your ability to share your ideas, speak clearly, and voice your boundaries. When it’s functioning optimally, you’ll be able to communicate clearly with both listening and speaking skills. Others will understand you better and you will feel self-assured.

CRYSTALS: quartz crystals help with most of the chakras although for this one I like angel aura quartz. Other crystals included for this chakra are lapis-lazuli, azurite and aventurine.

BODY LINK: The tongue, mouth, gums, neck, vocal system, throat, glands, and perspiration are all connected to the throat chakra.

If you have any of the following, your throat chakra may be imbalanced. Toothaches, fevers, cases of flu, TMJ, thyroid conditions, speech impediments, and mouth sores are some of the most  common.

FOODS: Such as acai, blueberries, and blackberries, are great for the throat chakra. Pears and honey seem to be good for it as well.

HERBS: Herbs that aid with the throat chakra include mint, rosemary, ginger, lavender and hibiscus .

YOGA EXERCISES: Yoga poses that stretch your shoulders and neck will help this chakra stay active. Plow pose, thread the needle, child’s pose, and rabbit pose are considered good for the this chakra.

DANCE can also help with balancing and is a fun way to get moving. Body movements help balance the chakras. Moving your upper body is important with upper body chakras.

(Always remember to check with your doctor before changing your exercise routines)

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